Why choose me to repair your car?

The site is new but my service isn't. I've been repairing cars in the North London community to a very high standard for twenty years. I can work on a scuffed Aston Martin in Hampstead one day and apply the same ethic of excellence to a ten year old Fiesta in Southgate the next.   

My car is really damaged, can it be repaired?

Yes, probably but send me a photo and I'll let you know.

How much will a repair cost?

It depends on the damage. Often its less than the insurance excess. With less overhead, prices are usually 30% to 40% cheaper than bodyshops and infinitely less than the manufacturer. Quotes are free of charge and if you cant take a shot for any reason I can usually come out to you and have a look with no obligation. I recommend people to shop around before deciding on a repairer so you can be sure you are getting a fair price for the work.

How long will a repair take?

90% of the damage I see can be repaired within the day, some in only a few hours, depending whether its a scuff or scratch, a minor ding or a dented panel. I do a lot of work on hire cars and leased cars and the job has to be superb or they'l spot it and charge like a wounded bull.

Is the work fully guaranteed.

Yes. For as long as you own the car.